Silver Spoons

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So often I slip into a place of complacency where I am blind to my own privilege. I become that whiny, entitled brat who demands her way - even and especially in prayer - and I ignore the undeniable fact that I am privileged beyond measure.

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Our own worst enemy

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Over the course of the last few years, the number of people who believe in the sacredness of all life is growing. The trends are clear, the more we learn about fetal development in utero, the more apparent it becomes that life begins at conception. An intelligent person who asks honest questions & is answered with objective, scientific truth will come to understand what we know.

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A letter from my father to my unborn child

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You are very lucky. Much luckier than many babies born at this time. You have two parents that love each other and are committed to each other and they love you and will always love you. You will learn about God and your faith and I expect that you will grow in that faith and it will be a comfort to you and give you direction, hope and purpose for all of your life. As a baby, you really can’t ask for more than that. This is why so much will be expected of you.

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Because He loves us

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Unfortunately, at 8:30 yesterday morning I was smack dab in the middle of a pretty heated fight with my 20-year-old brother, and I wasn't exactly feeling full of the love of family & the Kingdom of God. And, at about 8:42 as I fought my way through a second paragraph, I got a text from said knuckle-headed brother and all motivation & inspiration went out the window.

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Note to self: It’s not a competition, stupid.

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I am enormously blessed to have many friends. Some of my friends have parents who were able to pay for their education. One of my...

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