Alleluia! …now what?


Death defeated!  The promise of salvation!  Victory over sin!

What an amazing time for the Church!  We realize that the promise is made new again when we enter into the Easter season…  But, if we are Christians, and we believe in the saving power of Jesus Christ, than shouldn’t our whole lives be an Easter season?

I’m only thinking about this because the Church’s liturgical Easter season is coming to a close, and it seems like we let a little bit of wind out of our sails.  Staring Pentecost in the face, we should be constantly alive in our faith, but it seems that (especially for me) it’s back to business as usual for us Catholics.My question is: Why?  Why are we so quick to just return to our average, everyday lives?  Why are we so willing to rejoice in the promise come true of Christ one minute, but the next simply be “ho-hum” Christians?

Well, at least we’re not alone on this.  Even Christ’s disciples acted this way.  They saw Jesus on the cross, and assumed that was the end of it all.  Their King had been defeated and now it was time to pack up shop & head home.  Tables had to be built, fish had to be caught, and they had to offer up some explanation for where they’d been for the last 3 years.  The 12 were so scared that what happend to Him would happen to them that they went into hiding.  Even after they saw Him resurrected in glory, they still didn’t get it.

So, GOD sees this gnarly little trick that our enemy plays (despair) and decides we need a pick-me-up.  He sends His very Spirit, His very life among us at Pentecost.  He gave us the gift of the Holy Spirit and gave us one of the most important gifts ever, the gift of courage.  Now, I know this seems a little like the Cowardly Lion, but stay with me here.  We are brought into a world under siege by fear and doubt.  GOD taught us something very powerful when He taught us how to pray.  He taught us to say, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve overlooked this sentence because of how used to praying the Lord’s Prayer I am.  But if we pay attention, it shows us that when we pray to Him out of true, unabashed belief & trust, that Kingdom work is supposed to be done here on earth.  That things down here should be the way they are up there… if we can really believe that.  If we are strong enough, courageous enough to trust that His will can be done here among us on earth, there isn’t a force on earth or under the earth that can stop us.  This very force, the Holy Spirit, can drive every part of us, making us strong beyond measure and courageous beyond belief.  Most importantly, it will fill us with a joy for love of GOD that we could not contain.

As this liturgical season closes, I challenge all of us to make this something that is part of our everyday lives.  I challenge us to live every day as joyful as we can in the Resurrection and live fearlessly in the Holy Spirit that dwells in us.  Not to be morbid, but our continuing celebration culminates in the day we lose our earthly lives and “graduate” to heaven.  Guess what, I’m looking forward to graduation day, and I’m going to live my life working towards being Magna Cum Laude.